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Nordic walking

Walking with poles consumes approx. 400 kcal./hour, boosts both the immune system and the cardiovascular system and lowers elevated blood pressure. The countless hiking trails around Vorderstoder and in the entire Pyhrn/Priel area cordially invite you to do so.


Mini golf hike

The mini golf hiking trail in Vorderstoder with a length of 3.5 km is unique in Austria. Clubs, ball and map are available for hire "at the carpenter's".


To go biking

Explore the area with our modern and constantly checked e-bikes. Give up your car for a day and visit your destination with the new bikes. For bookings of at least 5 nights, you will receive 2 free hours.

  • Full day rate 30 €

  • Half day rate 20 €

  • Hourly rate 5 €

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Uphill and downhill, no problem in Vorderstoder. Our hiking trails are very different in their demands, but have one thing in common - the great views and the exercise in untouched nature.



Not for weak calves and bad nerves. Numerous via ferratas and rock climbing routes make the area around Vorderstoder a paradise for all climbing enthusiasts.



Between alpine meadows, huts and summit crosses, energy reserves are replenished. A variety of trails in all levels of difficulty are offered here by nature.



The indoor and outdoor pools in the surrounding area as well as the Edelbach and Elisabethsee bathing lakes can be used free of charge with the Pyhrn/Prielcard.

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